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The Event on Main will shut down Ann Arbor’s Main Street Thursday
The Event on Main raised $1 million over its first three years for the construction of the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital, and last year it raised money for the Food Allergy Center. Kutinsky estimates that over $2 million total will be raised after Thursday’s event. Read more here.

Best Italian: Gratzi
Dressed in crisp white button-ups, black aprons and stunning red ties, waiters at Gratzi float table to table with decadent (yet simple) pasta dishes balanced on trays. Occasionally, one will halt under the wonderful Renaissance-style mural painted on the wall to gracefully pour a bottle of Italian red, or to place a long plate filled with rustic meats and robust cheeses in front of smiling diners. The mournful melody of magnificent Italian singing suffuses the dining room, not too loud, but just enough to invoke an archaic, old country mood. Read more here.

Northern Italian-inspired fare at Gratzi continues to delight diners
There are certain Ann Arbor restaurants that remain as skilled at delivering savory meals as they have been for years. Gratzi, which quickly earned a positive reputation for high-quality upscale dining when it opened 23 years ago, is one of those places. Read more here.

Clover Eats!
The star of the meal was definitely the caprese.  I’m a general fan of caprese, and so would probably enjoy even mediocre versions, but Gratzi’s caprese is absolutely fantastic.  Our waiter informed us that it’s been off the menu for the past seven months, with many requests for its return; they finally were able to begin importing their buffalo mozzarella again.  It was delightfully flavorful, creamy yet textured, and the tomatoes were also excellent.  I would come back just for this! Read more here.