Welcome to Gratzi!

“We hope you enjoy our recent updates to the interior. This is a bold new look that retains the ambiance of what Gratzi is traditionally best known for, an intimate restaurant with distinctive style,” says Mike Gibbons, CEO & President of Mainstreet Ventures Inc.

The remodel includes new design elements throughout the entire restaurant, with updates to the visual appeal using new colors, new lighting elements, and design changes. New interior fabrics on the chairs, tapestries and wall coverings include colors from brick and flamingo reds to rich mocha browns. The bar and host stand include custom builds along with new booths, tables and chairs. The new lighting fixtures include chandeliers, bar top lamps and lamps with antique gold and hand-rubbed bronze stands. We also have new pictured artwork that complements the clean-lined, intimate setting.

Chef John Fischer frequently introduces new menu items, saying “We hope our guests enjoy several courses of the freshest flavors of the season with our regional Italian cuisine. I’ve created new additions like Buratta with fig mostarda, almonds, and sweet & sour onions; Ham and Egg pizza with prosciutto, asparagus, shirred egg, and fresh mozzarella; Bone Marrow with charred lemon, grilled Italian bread and arugula salad; Pork Tenderloin Saltimbocca with asiago soft polenta, broccolini, and sage-butter pan sauce; and many more new items.” The menu states “The perfect Italian meal varies according to the season or desires of the moment. It’s an event where those sharing the meal take time to appreciate companionship and partake in a layered experience of a meal served with several distinct courses.”

We hope you enjoy your dining experience with us!